Evil Acts

Where in Prospero puts on The Tempest!

Time: Mid Spring 2001

Session 1:
Monoc Securities sends Gennady to guard Prospero’s daughter Miranda.
Gennady Ald asks Mesut Fredrich Rupprecht Viktor Ludwig Wittelsbach for a hand, Mesut remembers Wilhelm Metzger warning about Prospero.
Gennadt and Mesut meet Prospero and Miranda. They find out Prospero is here to put on a one night showing of the Tempest.

Session 2:
Gennady show up to guard Miranda for the first read through; Mesut comes as well in the role of a wealth patron of the arts.
They discover that many of the participants in the play are local practitioners of varying power and that the play may be a cover for a big ritual.

Session 3:
Gennady and Mesut go to the first dress rehearsal.
During the rehursal Wilhelm Metzger shows up with Erik Biela accusing Prospero of being up to no good.
They have a load argument over Prospero’s intent with the play.
Erik is very on edge about the whole affair.

Evil Acts

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