Raised on a berry farm, means well, trouble keeps finding him.


High Concept:
Werefox, handy with wards.

Unwittingly foiled the fae.

Other aspects:
I’m all about my bass.
Model son for his grandparents.
Empathic with those that have lost.

Refresh: -9
-2 Ritual (Wards)
-1 Beast Change (Fox)
-1 Echos of the Beast
+1 Human Form

While shifted:
-2 Inhuman Speed

Skills (35):
+4 (8): Performance, Endurance
+3 (12): Discipline, Scholarship, Empathy, Alertness
+2 (10): Athletics, Survival, Conviction, Lore, Rapport
+1 (5): Driving, Stealth, Presence, Weapons, Resources

While shifted:


Jing, called so by his grandparents more than his real name, grew up quiet, dependable, studious, and a little bored.

Like many in the country, the garage scene blew his teenaged mind. The bass guitar’s steady heartbeat, both reassuring and urging spoke to him more than any other. The foundation it laid down dovetailed with his desire to provide a steady and easy life for his grandparents. Jing joined the music scene by answering the flyers posted along his delivery route. His affinity for the lost and bedraggled (folks who have lost, as he has) shaped the way he learned to play, where he played, and who he played with.

In a couple short years, Jing came to know everyone (or what seems like everyone) in the downtown grunge scene and was routinely tapped to play with bands who were on the way to fame and success. Craving neither of those, Jing has the uncanny knack to move on just before any group he’s with hits it big.

This meandering path through the scene eventually led him to Treble, and his eventual trouble.

Often crashes at the Tracy Downtown after shows. It’s a glorified flop-house for Jing and his friends. Rent is collected semi-regularly, the utilities are usually on (except for the water, which is unwavering), and it’s always a great place to cobble together a show.


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